Would your charity like to be part of Global’s Make Some Noise?

Would your charity like to be part of Global's Make Some Noise?

Are you a small, UK-registered charity doing brilliant work? Do you support young people aged 0-25 living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity? If so, you could be part of Global’s Make Some Noise.

Our Expression of Interest for our 2017 appeal is now closed and we’re unable to accept any further applications for support. But, the good news is, we’ll open this again in October 2017, when we’ll be looking for charities to support through our 2018 appeal.

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So, how does the Make Some Noise application process work?

Stage 1: Express your interest! Through an online form, we’ll ask you to provide basic information about your charity and who you support. We also ask you to confirm if you meet the criteria to be a Global’s Make Some Noise charity.

Stage 2: Following this, our grants team will review the information provided in the Expressions of Interest, and invite a select number of charities to complete a full application form. Here, you’ll be asked to provide more in-depth information about the charity’s work, detail a project that Make Some Noise will be able to fund and tell us more about the children, young people  and families you support. This is your chance to show us why your charity deserves to be in the spotlight!

Please note, we are unable to invite all those who enter an Expression of Interest to submit an application with us in stage 2.

We know that filling in forms is time-consuming, especially for small charities who may not have dedicated staff.  Because of this, we make sure we don’t ask too many charities to submit a full application every year. If you are not invited to apply for stage 2, unfortunately we are not able to provide detailed feedback at this stage.

Are you the perfect fit?

First things first – any organisation interested in applying to Global’s Make Some Noise need to meet our basic criteria. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Your organisation is a UK registered charity.
  • Your charity has an annual income of between approximately £50,000 – £1,200,000.
  • Your charity directly supports children and young people aged between 0-25 in a community around the UK who are affected by illness, disability or lack of opportunity. This can be your whole charity’s work or part of it.
  • You’re able to provide at least one year of verified accounts for the charity and up to date management accounts at the time of submitting your application.
  • You have a thorough up to date child protection and safeguarding policy for the charity.
  • You’re able to identify a designated programme, role or capital project which Global’s Make Some Noise would support through a grant.
  • You’re able to work with Global to identify opportunities for interviewing children, young people, parents, carers and professionals to tell their stories.
  • You can provide photographs, case studies and further information to support Global to tell your story.

What can you expect as a Global’s Make Some Noise charity?

Get to know us – and find out about the charities we’re currently supporting here.

Help change the lives of disadvantaged youngsters across the UK