2015/16: Daytrippers

2015/16: Daytrippers

Having a disability is made even harder for children and young people when they’re left out of games, turned away from events and laughed at for being different. We want these youngsters to have a safe place where they won’t face any barriers, so they can experience the quality of life that other children enjoy.

Global’s Make Some Noise is happy to support Daytrippers in their work with 5 to 25 year olds who have physical, sensory or mental impairments. Since launching in 2003, they have helped an incredible 27, 000 disabled children and young people all over the UK.

The charity champions the right of every disabled person to a fun and active childhood, with the chance to develop their full potential in life. They provide access to a safe, fun, supportive and non-judgemental community for children and young people with a disability, just like Nick.

Nick was very scared when he first went to a Daytrippers event. He seeks comfort in what he knows already, so he doesn’t often get to experience many new places or activities.

The Daytrippers volunteers gave Nick time and space to get used to his surroundings, and he kept to himself at first. But some of the other children wanted Nick to join in with their game, so they went over to him, and slowly, he began to relax and join in the activities with them. This simple act of friendship lead to Nick joining in with the whole group – and going home with a big smile on his face.

Funding from Global’s Make Some Noise will mean that the charity can provide more events and day trips, giving other disabled youngsters the chance to experience friendship, and make the most out of what life has to offer!

To find out more about Daytrippers, click here.

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