We give a voice to small projects across the UK

We give a voice to small projects across the UK

Global’s Make Some Noise is the official charity of Global, the media and entertainment group.

We support brilliant, small charities across the UK, which help youngsters and their families living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity. These charities struggle to get heard, so we unite some of the biggest radio stations in the UK and their listeners, to give them a voice and raise money to support their amazing work.

To date, we’ve raised more than £11 million and supported 192 incredible charities and projects around the UK, helping them to provide life-changing support and vital services to around 56,403 youngsters.

By joining us to make some noise, you can help small charities have a big impact.

Our three-part promise

Global’s Make Some Noise has a unique three-part promise to the charities we support – raising money, raising awareness and raising the bar.

Every year, we award grants to specially selected projects across the UK, which do life-changing work in their local communities to support youngsters and their families living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity.

In 2018, we gave out £2.5million in grants to small charities, which will help support almost 17,000 children and young people over the next two years.

Money from Global’s Make Some Noise will fund a whole range of vital activities and services at the projects – including 15,088 hours of support for youngsters living with disability, 4,340 hours of much-needed help for young carers, 4,772 hours of counselling for children experiencing illness or bereavement, 4,679 hours of support for young people and their families affected by suicide and homelessness, and so much more.

We’ll also be funding 67 roles at the charities, and paying for specialist equipment – including a 3D printer to create models of children’s hearts for surgeons to study ahead of surgery, and a sensory library for children affected by sight loss.

But that’s not all. We know that these amazing causes can often get overlooked, so we shine the spotlight on them by giving them a voice and raising awareness through Global’s much-loved brands. Since 2014, we’ve told the stories of over 400 inspirational individuals who are involved with our amazing beneficiary charities.

We also lend our expertise through a series of masterclasses in areas such as digital, sales and marketing. Over the past few years, we’ve hosted 103 charities for masterclasses, with the hope that in the future, these projects can make more noise themselves.

If you’re a small charity doing amazing work and would like to be part of Global’s Make Some Noise, you can find out more about our application process here.

Help change the lives of disadvantaged youngsters across the UK