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2017/18: Action For Family Carers

2017/18: Action For Family Carers

Action for Family Carers makes a positive difference to the lives of carers by providing support in times of need.

Caring is a challenging role which can put those affected under severe emotional and practical strain. Young carers in particular are disadvantaged, through spending time caring rather than doing their homework, which in turn affects their education and reduces their job prospects.

But that’s where Action for Family Carers come in. They’re on hand to provide counselling, social clubs, outings and trips, alongside education support sessions and lunchtime drop-ins for young carers in Essex.

The charity helps children like 10 year old Charlie, whose mum has severe mobility issues. Charlie cooks for his mum, helps with housework and spends a lot of time giving emotional support.

He was experiencing increasing isolation from his peers and “losing his childhood”.  But, Action for Family Carers worked with him at their Young Carer clubs, encouraged him to play with other children, and invited him on trips and outings.

Charlie has since said that these have helped him to cope, as does knowing that he has someone to talk to outside his family.

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support the development of a programme to help young people struggling with a caring role in the family home that has a negative impact on their wellbeing.

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