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Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice

Alexander Devine Children's Hospice

Global’s Make Some Noise is supporting charities like Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice which provides support to families of children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions.

This support comes in the form of respite care, specialist play, symptom management, family support and end-of-life care.  

The hospice is currently supporting 132 children and their families and has continued to do so throughout the coronavirus crisis.  Their nurses and carers are checking with families regularly, helping to reduce a family’s isolationprovide emotional support, holistic therapy and monitor the child’s wellbeing.   

The hospice continues to receive referrals, adding new children to their support services. They are also still providing bereavement support and counselling for those families that need it. 

A nurse at Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice told us how they have adapted their care to make sure no family feels alone. 

“The families are so hugely grateful that we continue to be there for them and I see first-hand how much of a positive impact our children’s hospice service makes on their lives. Especially in these anxious and worrying times, we are a familiar face that they trust and that can give them reassurance and the support they need.’

Although we miss being able to provide Day Care, we are still providing so many elements of our services in our community visits. However for some of our families who have taken the tough decision to totally shield themselves, we are finding different ways to stay connected with them and make sure they don’t feel alone. Amongst other things, I call them regularly as well as dropping off vital resources and equipment on their doorstep.

You can help those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities



Help those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities