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2019/20: Become

2019/20: Become

Become is a small charity that supports children in care and young care leavers.

The charity provides an advice service, life-coaching and support for care leavers considering their next steps in education and employment. While Become provides direct support to help care leavers take control of their lives, they also campaign for changes within the care system.

The charity’s policy and influencing work is dedicated to ensuring that young people’s voices and perspectives are heard by those who influence their lives.

Become supports young people like *David.

David was excited to secure a place at Leeds University, but he knew that accepting the offer would mean he’d be leaving his care placement.

David didn’t have a family to support him, so his joy at getting into university was quickly clouded by worry about how he will fund his studies, buy a laptop, duvet and other essentials and most importantly, where he will live outside of term time. Overwhelmed by his situation, David called Become’s Care Advice line.

The charity provided advice and the time to talk through the different options for funding his studies including applying for a learner loan and support grants.

David, like countless other care leavers, was at risk of missing out on his degree simply because he didn’t have someone to talk to.

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support the charity’s ‘Care Advice Service’ which includes a full-time Advice Officer, providing support and information to children in care and care-leavers aged 11-25.

The Care Advice Service offers children in care and young care leavers the knowledge and tools they need to feel empowered to take control of their own lives. Children and young people are better able to unlock their potential and raise their aspirations through knowing how to access support and how to overcome obstacles.

With your help, we can support projects like this and many others across the UK.


*Young person’s name has been changed to protect their identity.

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