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2017/18: The Bumblebee Children’s Charity

The Bumblebee Children’s Charity is a specialist pre-school in Suffolk which supports children under 5 with physical and learning disabilities.

It helps between 20 and 25 families each year, working with children who are diagnosed with cerebral palsy, brain and other injuries, neurological conditions, genetic or chromosomal abnormalities and sensory processing disorders.

Highly skilled staff run weekly sessions filled with games, music, messy play and stories. They’re designed to help children communicate, acquire physical skills, make friends and have fun. The charity also educates parents in caring for their children, and gives them the opportunity to make friends with other families that share the journey ahead.

Jasmine was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome shortly after she was born. Her mum said:

“Following the shock of her diagnosis, I wanted to provide Jasmine with every opportunity to progress. The Bumblebees Children’s Charity has been a lifeline in supporting me to do this, particularly when local services are being cut.  Jasmine attends a weekly intensive session, planned carefully by the staff and tailored to her needs.

Jasmine has grown enormously in confidence, with skills she has learned transferring to home and providing a fantastic foundation for school. I come away each week feeling we have worked hard together to make a difference. The staff support and encourage not only Jasmine, but myself and my family.

It is great to share with other parents who face similar everyday challenges and to celebrate our children’s achievements at the end of each session. Bumblebees helps us discover what our children can do and to reach their potential.”

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support the Bumblebee Children’s Charity in continuing to deliver extremely high standards of practical and peer support to children and parents in need.

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