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Carers Link East Dumbartonshire

Carers Link East Dumbartonshire

Global’s Make Some Noise is supporting charities like Carers Link, which provides vital support for unpaid carers who live in East Dunbartonshire. 

During these tough times, thousands of carers across the country have been left feeling isolated and overwhelmed by the increased care their loved ones need. 

Whether they are looking after someone with a disability, illness or mental health problem, being cut-off from the support that they might normally rely on can have a devastating impact on carers.  

Since the lockdown began, Carers Link has already seen demand for support services increase by 26%. But due to Coronavirus, the charity has been forced to cancel fundraising events, meaning donations are down 94% from last year. 

Despite this, dedicated staff are continuing to offer help to hundreds of struggling families. As well as providing telephone support, Carers link are hosting online zoom group meetings for young carers and sending out wellbeing packs and tablets to those in need.

With coronavirus causing carers to feel more alone than ever, receiving a tablet and the training needed to get them online will allow them to stay connected in the new digital world.

You can help those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities.

You can help those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities

Help those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities