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2019/20: Carers Milton Keynes

2019/20: Carers Milton Keynes

Carers Milton Keynes is a small charity that supports young carers who look after a loved one affected by an illness, disability or frailty.

The charity’s Young Carers Team supports children and young people aged 8-25, by providing them with emotional and practical support through counselling and training, a chance to meet other young carers in peer groups, opportunities to enjoy their childhood as well as support in school.

Carers Milton Keynes helps young people like Louisa. Here’s Louisa’s story in her own words:

“My name is Louisa, I am 18 and I am a young adult carer. Last year, I called up the number for the young adult carers in Milton Keynes and spoke to a Support Worker. She listened to my story and said that she would come to meet me. At this point, I was supporting my mum in bathing, toilet hygiene, cooking, cleaning etc.

I had not had a great experience with social care and hoped that Carers Milton Keynes might help. My Support Worker decided to meet my mum and following this, contacted social care to highlight the needs in the home.

My Support Worker met with me every two weeks. At these sessions we would discuss anything that I was worried about. I remember, during one session, I spoke to her about how my mum was really unwell and not eating. By talking it out with my Support Worker, I knew I needed to call 111 when I got home.

My Support Worker helped me put everything I needed to say on paper, which enabled me to communicate when I made the call. Consequently, my mum was in hospital for a few weeks; I had many absences at sixth form and my Support Worker validated my absences as there was no-one else to do so. They were there for me throughout this experience when I thought I should be able to do it on my own.

Today, my mum’s health is improving as she is better equipped at home to have independence. She has carers coming in more often and I know to ask for help instead of trying to do everything on my own. I am about to sit my A-Levels and hope to attend university.”

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support the charity’s ‘Same Chances’ project, helping young carers to fulfil their potential.

Through the project, young carers can access a range of services including life skills training such as budgeting and healthy eating, wellbeing sessions which are focussed on mindfulness and reducing anxiety, support groups as well as fun activities for young carers to come together and take a break from their caring role.

The project also provides employment and further education sessions and personalised support for those in education, training or employment. The charity’s advocacy work in schools, colleges, GP’s and Social Services helps to increase awareness of the issues which young carers face.

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