Challenge Your School

Challenge Your School

Fuel your fundraising!

With a sports day, danceathon, sponsored silence or a challenge for the whole school to get involved in and watch how quickly the pennies pile up.


Turn a sponsored silence on its head by making as much noise as possible for a set time. Use our ‘Make your own megaphone’ resource to break the silence. Set your students a target to raise from family and friends.


Put on a class, year, or school-wide swimathon, skipathon, radioathon or danceathon. Find out what your pupils would love to do for a very, very, long time. Ask family and friends to sponsor them. Why not throw in some extra prizes for the last few going?


Kick, bounce, run and jump – plan a day of races for your whole school to get involved in. Whether it’s a team tournament or an all day sports day, charge family and friends to watch and sell snacks and drinks to raise more money.



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