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2017/18: Children’s Bereavement Centre

The Children’s Bereavement Centre supports children and young people in Nottinghamshire who have lost someone they love.

It provides therapeutic support, workshops at difficult times of the year, such as Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, and an annual bereavement camp to combat isolation and loneliness.

Children and young people can access services if they have been affected by the death of a relative, terminal illness or the loss of a parent due to divorce or separation. These services are vital in preventing children from suffering behavioural problems and negative life choices as a result of their loss.

Jenny Nelson was 13 when her mum took her own life. She said:

I completely withdrew from the world around me. I stopped smiling, I stopped joking around, I stopped laughing, it felt like all the joy that previously filled my life had been sucked out and I was left as a shell. 

My school recommended the Children’s Bereavement Centre. It became a safe haven for me, somewhere filled with happy, friendly faces who were always eager for a cup of tea. I gradually came back out of my shell, became far more in touch with my feelings and I now know it’s okay to grieve, no matter what age you are.

Three years later when my dad died from a sudden stroke, the Bereavement Centre were there for me and my family again, welcoming us back with open arms and providing us with the same smiling, friendly faces that I remembered. Words cannot even begin to describe my gratitude to all at the Centre for what they have done for my family.”

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support a project ensuring that all bereaved children are able to access services if needed within twelve weeks.

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