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2017/18: Children’s Heart Surgery Fund

2017/18: Children’s Heart Surgery Fund

The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund provides support for children born with congenital heart disease and their families across Yorkshire, the Humber and North Lincolnshire.

Based at the Leeds General Infirmary, it offers ground-breaking new equipment, resources, training and research, and support for children and their families, with 10,000 children coming through the unit every year. The charity aims to give each of them the best possible chance of survival and to help their families during their stay in hospital.

Services include funding vital equipment to help save and improve lives; creating a restful, positive ward environment for the children and their families; funding a Clinical Psychologist to support families from diagnosis and beyond; funding accommodation close to the hospital so that parents can rest; and assisting with travel expenses to ease the financial burden of travelling to visit a child.

April’s daughter Olivia suffers from congenital heart disease. She said:

“Olivia is on warfarin [blood-thinning drugs] and the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund provided us with a coagulation machine which has made life so much easier because we are able to do the test at home. We are extremely grateful to all the team.

Global’s Make Some Noise proudly supports The Yorkshire Heart Heroes Project: a two-part programme designed to support children born with congenital heart disease.

The charity intends to bring the ability to print 3D models of children’s hearts to the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit, leading to quicker and more accurate procedures.

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