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2018/19: CICRA

2018/19: CICRA

We’re proud to be supporting CICRA (Crohns in Childhood Research Association), a national charity set up to help children living with Crohn’s Disease and Colitis.

The charity offers support to over 600 children and young people a year, and conducts research into better treatments with the help from health professionals. CICRA also campaigns to give children living with Crohn’s and Colitis a voice and to increase public understanding of both conditions.

We wanted to make noise for CICRA because of the support it provides to children like Mansi, who is affected by Crohn’s Disease.

She said: “I was put on steroids, they gave me severe puffiness from the neck up. I was in primary school at the time and because I have always been quite skinny people asked me why I had gained so much weight in such little time. I got bullied, because of this I got anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. I felt sad all the time.

When I first came to CICRA I felt that there were other people in the same boat as me which helped me open up a bit more. Last year I was in Year 7 and I struggled to talk about Crohn’s, this year I’ve been able to open up more about it with my friends at school.

Global’s Make Some Noise is supporting CICRA’s new project that is helping to provide support to children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and their families, to help them deal with the impact of Crohn’s and Colitis. This project aims to help even more children have the best chance of enjoying childhood, despite their condition.

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