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2016/17: Dandelion Time

2016/17: Dandelion Time

Dandelion Time is a brilliant, small charity supporting children experiencing serious emotional and behavioural difficulties. The project is based on a farm near Kent, where it delivers vital support to over 70 vulnerable children and their families each year.

Many of the children attending the service sadly see themselves as nothing but failures, often reinforced by their inability to fit in or succeed at school. But thanks to the support provided by Dandelion Time, they’re able to overcome emotional issues, and gain a sense of achievement, confidence and self-worth.

Alex* was referred to Dandelion Time aged just ten years old. He struggled to attend school alone due to social, emotional and behavioural difficulties associated with his special educational needs and attachment difficulties. As a result, his mum attended school with him all day, every day.

Together at Dandelion Time, they were able to take part in a range of activities, and gradually, Alex was able to separate from him mum and do activities, such as woodwork and music, without her. He’s since transitioned successfully into a specialist school, which he attends without his mum.

She’s commented on how much happier he is now: “He comes home beaming and pleased about what he’s done each day.”

*While the story above is true, names may have been changed to protect the child’s privacy.

Visit Dandelion Time’s website to find out more.

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