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Charity Applications FAQs

Charity Applications FAQs

Looking to apply for our Global’s Make Some Noise funding? Here’s a selection of Frequently Asked Questions to help with any queries you may have.


How many charities do you invite to apply after submitting an Expression of Interest?

We normally invite up to 100 charities to apply after our Expression of Interest has closed.


How many charities will you choose to support after applying?

We will be able to select approximately 40 charities for grant funding from each application round.


When will I hear if I have been invited to submit an application for Stage 2?

You will hear from us no later than 2 weeks after the Expression of Interest closes to let you know if we can invite you to apply this year.


What size grants does Make Some Noise award?

If you are invited to Stage 2 – Application, you will be able to apply for a suggested minimum of £20,000, and a maximum of £30,000 for 12 months of funding from 1st April 2023. Global’s Make Some Noise cannot award you a grant of more than 40% of your annual income. If your charity income means you cannot apply for the suggested grant funding amount, this is not a problem – if you are invited to apply, we will assess the maximum amount you can apply for with you.


When will I find out if my application has been successful?

If you have been invited to apply and submit an eligible application, your charity will be assessed and discussed at one of our Grant Panels in the summer. You may be contacted to discuss your application further or if any additional information is required by the Grants Team. This year, we expect all charities to be informed of the outcome of their application by mid-August. We will always update you on the progress and let you know if this timeline changes.


Do you provide feedback on applications?

We provide feedback for any charity who has submitted an application to us in Stage 2. We are unable to provide comprehensive feedback to charities not invited to apply due to the volume of Expressions of Interest we receive in our programme. We will let you know if you are not eligible and do not meet our criteria for funding.


Can I apply again if I have been unsuccessful?

You can submit another Expression of Interest the next time our application process opens. We would encourage you to think about any feedback you have received if you were invited to Stage 2 of our applications previously,  and always double check your current eligibility to make sure you still qualify to be considered for support.


When will funding be available?

New funding for charities will be available from 1st April 2023. If you are invited to apply after submitting your Expression of Interest, you will need to apply for funds delivering a project starting on or after 1st April 2023. We’ll be raising funds through our appeal in October 2022 to grant to successful charities next spring.


Where do the funds come from?

Working with Global Media & Entertainment Group, we raise funds through the amazing generosity of the public in our annual appeal, and through other fundraising initiatives with our fantastic partners. Funds are then granted to charities at the end of the financial year.


How do I find out if my charity is eligible for Global’s Make Some Noise?

You can check your eligibility here to read more about our programme and check you meet the criteria for Global’s Make Some Noise support.


What type of funding do you give?

Global’s Make Some Noise gives restricted grants for designated areas of work. If you are invited to apply, you will be asked to provide a budget breaking down how you plan to spend your grant. We call this a ‘project’, however there are many different things you can apply for. Please visit our ‘what can Global’s Make Some Noise fund’ page for more details. If you are successful in your application, you will be asked to sign a Funding Agreement which specifies our grant funds are treated as restricted.


Can I submit an Expression of Interest if I’ve been supported by Global’s Make Some Noise before?

On this occasion, we will not be able to progress any charity to application stage if we have previously supported them.

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