2018/19: Friends and Families of Special Children

2018/19: Friends and Families of Special Children

Friends and Families of Special Children supports over 700 children with disabilities and their families in Devon. The charity offers a range of activities and events for children with disabilities, allowing them to experience new opportunities that might not be possible without the charity.

Their support extends to the whole family, from information and advice, to a network where parents of children with disabilities can meet other parents, and activities for sibling carers. Through the charity, families can also apply for grants for specialist equipment to improve the quality of their child’s lives.

When we heard about the charity, we wanted to help because of children like Charlie, who was 2 years old when his sister, Josie, was born and later diagnosed with a rare genetic condition.

Charlie and Josie’s mum, Kelly, told us:

“The effect it had on Charlie’s young life was substantial. His sister couldn’t play with him, run around with him, shout with him or in fact even talk with him. Play for Josie was more like therapies.

Through Friends and Families of Special Children, Charlie has developed awareness that he is not alone in his situation, resilience, but most of all, friends! Our children are now in their twenties and Friends and Families of Special Children is still a wonderful resource for our family, and families like ours. Without the activities, the support, and friendship, our family would not have managed to stay strong & together.”

We’re proud to be helping the charity deliver the Youth Adventures project which provides specially tailored activities and events for children and young people with disabilities and their families. The Youth Adventures project also gives young people the opportunity to help design and create their own activities.

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