Fundraising Tools

Fundraising Tools

It’s time to get creative, have fun and raise money to help improve the lives of disadvantaged children, young people and their families across the UK.

Here are some quick and easy ideas to get you started:

Dress Loud: Everyone digs out their most bright and colourful gear and pays to get loud. Always wanted to dye your hair pink? Now’s your chance – you could even choose a Dress Loud theme. Here at Global HQ we’ve decided to get our glow on and wear neon to raise money. What will your theme be? 

Bake Some Noise: Who doesn’t love a good bake sale? You can charge entry for a baking contest, or rustle up your friends and family to host the ultimate bake sale (filled with your hand-picked favourite treats!)

Sweepstake: You can get in the sporting spirit without breaking a sweat. Just choose a sporting event, get everyone to pay to pull one of the contestant’s names out of a hat, and give a prize to the winner.

Make Some Tea For Make Some Noise: Challenge your boss to make the tea for a week, with £2 added to the kitty for each cup made. Anyone for a cuppa?

Save Your Pennies: Save your weekly change in a pot for 5 weeks and see how much mounts up!


You’ll find lots of ideas and helpful info in our Fundraising Pack. So download it now and get ready to help change even more young lives. Thank you for your support, and good luck!


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50 Fabulous Fundraising Ideas
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Help improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK