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We improve the lives of disadvantaged people across the UK

We improve the lives of disadvantaged people across the UK

We improve the lives of disadvantaged people in our communities by working with small charities across the UK.  

We believe everyone deserves to feel safe, feel well, feel included and feel prepared. That’s why we work across four key areas: providing shelter and safety, supporting physical and mental health, preventing isolation and improving life skills. 

This year alone, we’re supporting crucial services at 100 small charities, including food banks, mental health and domestic violence helplines, carer support, community projects and employment programmes. 

Funding to support food banks

We’ve provided crucial funding to support charities like Sufra NW London, which has seen a 371% increase in demand for food aid, since the coronavirus pandemic began and delivered over 20,000 food packages.   

Funding to support mental health charities

We’re supporting charities like If U Care Share, which is a mental health and suicide prevention charity in the North East, that has seen a 275% increase in people who are at risk of taking their lives or looking for support after losing a loved one to suicide.  

Funding to support domestic violence charities

Our funding has also enabled Trafford Domestic Abuse Services (TDAs) to open a new refuge, meaning survivors of domestic violence will be spending winter away from an abusive partner, in a safe place this year.  

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us that we could all be one step away from our lives suddenly changing. It has also shown us the power of coming together to help one another. People would be lost without the services that we support. 

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Give today to help disadvantaged people across the UK


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