There are people in our communities who need support this winter. Give hope today.

We’re helping those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities

We're helping those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities

This winter, many people who were already in vulnerable situations, will struggle like never before.

We raise money to provide funding to small charities up and down the country that are supporting the most vulnerable people in our communities.  

Through our Emergency Appeal, we’re providing crucial funding to small charities and community projects that are working tirelessly to help those hit hardest by coronavirus.   

This includes people facing homelessness, families living in poverty and at risk of going hungry, vulnerable people with care needs, those affected by domestic abuse, as well as those experiencing grief, loneliness or mental health problems.  

During these challenging times, many small and local charities are seeing a huge increase in the demand for support, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown periods. 

Funding to support food banks

Through our Emergency Appeal so far, we’ve provided crucial funding to support charities like Sufra NW London, which has seen a 371% increase in demand for food aid, since the coronavirus pandemic began and delivered over 20,000 food packages.   

Funding to support mental health charities

As well as funding to charities like If U Care Share, which is a mental health and suicide prevention charity in the North East, that has seen a 275% increase in people who are at risk of taking their lives or looking for support after losing a loved one to suicide.  

Funding to support domestic violence charities

Our funding has also enabled Trafford Domestic Abuse Services (TDAs) to open a new refuge, meaning survivors of domestic violence will be spending winter away from an abusive partner, in a safe place this year.  

We know that since the coronavirus pandemic began, there are thousands of people in our communities who have been severely affected and in urgent need of support over the winter months.

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Our work has undoubtedly saved lives through the coronavirus crisis. But the demand placed on small charities shows that the need will continue to be there throughout the winter months and beyond. 

You can help those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities


Help those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities