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2019/20: Holding On Letting Go

2019/20: Holding On Letting Go

Holding On Letting Go is a small charity based in Kent that helps children and young people come to terms with losing someone close to them.

The charity provides emotional support to help children and young people from the ages of 6-16 to talk about their loss and their feelings. The bereavement support is designed to help them to develop resilience and move forward, holding on to good memories and letting go of painful ones.

The charity also provides telephone support, as well as advice and training to professionals at schools, social services and health services.

Children like 13-year-old *Emily  have been helped by Holding on Letting Go.

Emily is living in foster care with her twin brother. In March 2018, their step-brother sadly took his life at the age of 17.

Two years earlier, Emily’s birth father died unexpectedly – a month before Emily was due to see him after not having contact with him for two years.

Emily stopped going to school last year, as she struggled with the transition to secondary school. She spoke about getting angry and sometimes running away, and was also suffering with hyperanxiety about anything outside of the family home.

Both Emily and her foster mum knew that she needed help to address a number of things that were impacting on her life and holding her back.

Emily and her twin brother  attended the charity’s therapeutic weekend programme. Emily enjoyed all of the activities and felt supported by a good friend that she made during the weekend.

When the charity visited Emily four weeks after the activity weekend, both Emily and her mum spoke about the difference it made. Emily explained that the weekend had given her confidence to write to the Headteacher at her school asking if she would be able to return to school on a part-time timetable.

Emily’s mum couldn’t have been more pleased that Emily now felt able to do this as before the charity started supporting her, Emily’s anxiety levels and self-confidence were so low that she would not have even considered going back to school.

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support the charity’s project for children and young people facing the bereavement of a parent or sibling.

Currently, there are very limited pre-bereavement support services available for families in the region affected by the diagnosis of a terminal condition.

Holding on Letting Go aims to change this with their early help services. Their project will provide much-needed pre and post bereavement support to children and young people through one-to-one, family and group support sessions to help them cope with a range of emotions and build lasting memories of their loved one.

With your help, we can support Holding on Letting Go and many more charities across the UK.


*This young person’s name has been changed to protect their identity.

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