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If U Care Share

If U Care Share

Global’s Make Some Noise is supporting charities like If U Care Share which provides a range of services that aim to save lives, support communities and prevent suicide. 

Their team reaches some of the most vulnerable people in our society, supporting them at a time of need, those at risk of suicide and those who have lost loved ones 

Since the start of the lockdown If U Care Share have seen the demand for their service increase by an astonishing 275%. As a charity they continue to work as normally as possible, supporting people on the telephone or on video linkpeople who are at risk of suicide. 

They support them through a range of difficult situationsintervening at critical moments to save lives. They also continue to support those who have lost loved ones to suicide, critical support which can also help to save lives. Those who have lost loved ones are 70% more likely to take their own life. 

Simon* lost an ex-girlfriend to suicide and says if it wasn’t for If U Care Share, he wouldn’t be alive today. During lockdown, Simon has been unable to work and is on universal credit. He also lives alone and the lockdown has stopped him seeing his two children and mother. 

“The isolation is torture, not getting out to see people. Not knowing when I am able to get back to work. I am trying to keep a routine but there is only so many times I can hoover the carpet or wash your bike, clean your car. Ive decorated where I can but then you cant get out to get stuff to do more jobs to keep yourself occupied.  

You end up crying come the evening, struggling to get through the night. Not knowing when this is going to be over.  

I would not be here if it was not for the charity, not just during lockdown but before. I hope more people are finding about If U Care Share and calling them.  

Nobody else has called, they’re keeping in touch. Sending food out. They call me at least once a week to talk to me.”

You can help those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities

*Names have been changed to protect individuals 

Help those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities