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Kids Company

Kids Company

Kids Company provides a safe and caring environment to some 36.000 children and young people experiencing, or at risk of, neglect, abuse and trauma. They offer therapy, education, practical and emotional support, often acting as a substitute caretaker.

Global’s Make Some Noise have helped to fund a music programme, which allows young people to study all forms of music, sound engineering and technology. The course opens up the door to further education and employment, as well as giving therapeutic benefits, helping reverse the effect of trauma.

Lily’s Story

Lily suffered an extremely unhappy childhood of severe neglect and abuse. Her parents told her she was worthless and frequently abused her both verbally and physically. Lily became homeless and slept on the streets, in parks and hostels. She believed no one could ever love or help her so tried escaping through drugs, drinking, self-harming and even attempted suicide.

In a hostel, aged 15, Lily heard about Kids Company and looked for help. Provided with food, warm clothes and a place to stay, Lily had the stability she needed to pursue a good education. Kids Company helped her unlock her potential and discovered she was an extremely bright student.

Lily went to study at the University of Oxford and is about to start a PhD in Neuroscience. In the future, she hopes to offer training based on her life experience and qualifications for anyone working with abused young people.

Photo supplied by Kids Company – please note this is not Lily.

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