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What’s it like to be part of Global’s Make Some Noise?

What's it like to be part of Global's Make Some Noise?

98% of our funded charities would highly recommend Make Some Noise to another small charity.

We’re proud to be a voice for small charities. We raise awareness of some of the biggest issues affecting our society by working with Global, the Media & Entertainment Group.

If you are a selected as a Global’s Make Some Noise charity, you may be offered opportunities throughout our campaign to share stories about your work, the people you support and the difference you make.

We’re so grateful to have had the chance to be a part of Make Some Noise 2021. Beyond the incredible fundraising, which means we can now better support our young people’s mental health at a crucial time of need, it also opened up amazing opportunities for our young people – one of whom had the chance to appear live on national radio. She also got to experience the buzz and excitement of being at Global HQ on Make Some Noise Day! Being on the radio really raised our profile, with a number of contacts from new volunteers and supporters, as a direct outcome. – The BIGKID Foundation

The Global’s Make Some Noise Appeal

During our appeal, you may be offered opportunities such as:

  • A person from your charity, or an individual or family you support recording audio with one of our producers
  • Someone you support recording audio or video with one of our presenters
  • Taking part in a challenge or activity with one of our stations
  • Recording video, or making a short film
  • Publishing stories, photos, videos and case studies about your charity and people you support on our websites and social media channels
  • Receiving gifts from our corporate partners, or volunteer opportunities

Not all charities we work with during our appeal are featured on-air or take part in every opportunity, but we aim to represent a wide breadth of causes and stories during our appeal to raise awareness of the essential part small charities play in our local communities.

When you apply to Global’s Make Some Noise, we ask you about what type of stories and information you will be able to gather and share. If you are successful in your application, the Make Some Noise Grants Team is always on hand to help throughout the appeal and support you in making the most out of the opportunities available.


As well as championing small charities in our appeal, we also offer a learning programme so you can meet and network with other small charities who are being supported by Global’s Make Some Noise.

Our learning programme is designed for you and delivered by our technical and storytelling experts from right here at Global and our friends across the sector. You’ll have the choice to attend which sessions will be most beneficial for your charity, so you can continue making positive waves of change.

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