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2017/18: Parenting Special Children

2017/18: Parenting Special Children

Parenting Special Children provides specialist support for families in Berkshire who have children and young people with special needs.

The charity aims to improve the health and wellbeing of families of children and young people with special needs, and increase the skills and confidence of parents and carers.

Parenting Special Children offers six services which are mostly free of charge. These include one on one support, parenting workshops, specialist courses and sleep training – which has been identified as a key problem for children with special needs by their families.

Sleep is a key part of wellbeing, but most children and young people with special needs find sleeping difficult. Over 93% of parents are up in the night with their children and nearly 50% have health issues due to lack of sleep.

One mum was referred to the Sleep Service after her son’s school noticed he had difficulties with anxiety, low self-esteem and challenging behaviour. He had sleep difficulties and often took 3 hours to settle at night. She said:

“The course was very useful. It has worked so well with my child. He just soaked up the routine and is now sleeping well.  The theory behind sleep, routine and body clock – I’ve shared that with friends. My son has also taught daddy about the sleep routine which worked really well. The school has commented that this half term he has been a lot better.”

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support Sleep Better in Berkshire: a project helping affected young people sleep better through one on one family support.

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