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2019/20: Regenerate UK

2019/20: Regenerate UK

Regenerate UK is a London based charity that supports disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people in Roehampton and Wandsworth.

The charity runs a range of projects and initiatives to help young people uncover their potential and nurture their hopes for the future.

Through the charity’s youth centre and social action activities, young people get the chance to have fun, make friends and become less isolated and lonely. Children and young people benefit from positive peer support and learn new skills which respond to their interests and benefit the wider community.

The charity helps young people like Niall, who grew up in a part of London where lots of young people are exposed to crime, drugs and gangs. Niall started going to Regenerate’s youth clubs which are open four nights a week and provide a safe space for young people to make friends and take part in different activities including sports and fitness, music, cooking, and games.

Niall first got involved in the music studio sessions where he made new positive relationships with his peers and the youth workers. This had a positive effect on his school engagement and his relationships with others.

Get Active has provided Niall with an alternative to negative behaviour including crime, drugs and gangs. Niall explained that:

“Some of my other friends get themselves into some trouble but because I know that I can come here and chill I just stay out of trouble.”

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support the charity’s ‘Get Active and Get Focused’ project to support children & young people who are at risk of exclusion from school, becoming NEET, becoming a young parent, exploitation & bullying, or becoming involved in gangs or crime.

Whether it’s football, fitness, music or cookery, the ‘Get Active and Get Focused’ project has a wide range of activities to encourage healthy living and inspire creativity and focus – including a recording studio where young people can write, produce and record their music.

The project also provides one-to-one mentoring for 13-18 year olds who want to get focused and make positive life changes.

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