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Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital is the largest single-site children’s hospital in the UK providing care for over 200,000 children a year. Charlie is one of those children.

At just 15-months-old, Charlie pulled a scalding pan of hot water from the kitchen hob over himself, which skinned his whole right arm and a quarter of his torso, burning 10% of his body.

His mum rushed him to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital where a specialist saw him. Charlie was in hospital for 3 weeks before going home with his mum, who had to work from home to look after Charlie. She applied his cream, gave him physio and took Charlie to the hospital to have his dressings changed.

His mum says: “Charlie looks as amazing as he does today because of the doctors and nurses that treated him and I will be forever grateful for everything they did.”

Funding from Global’s Make Some Noise helps to support the work of doctors and nurses at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, through buying equipment that will make children like Charlie more comfortable when they become immobile after surgery.

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