The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon with Smooth

The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon with Smooth

Smooth Radio partnered with the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon on October 11th 2015, and team Smooth ran the race on behalf of Global’s Make Some Noise. The team did spectacularly well, with everyone achieving fantastic finishing times – well done team!

Thank you so much to everyone who ran the race with us, so far over £5,800 has been raised for Global’s Make Some Noise to help change the lives of disadvantaged youngsters across the UK.

Check out the gallery below of our runners passing the 10k mark, and at the Smooth Relaxation tent after the race where they were treated to a much needed massage by the fabulous Polly Hand from Chiropractic By Hand. A big thanks to Polly for giving up her time to fix our runners’ achy legs!

Eleanor’s Training Blog

In the lead up to the event, we brought you a weekly training blog, written by one of Global’s newsreaders, Eleanor, who took part in the race for Make Some Noise – thank you Eleanor!

Marathon final pic


Final Blog

I finished! What an amazing day Sunday was. The weather was beautiful the route was great and organisation superb. I thoroughly enjoyed running the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon and completed it in a respectable and very surprising 2 hours 4 minutes.

Having been on holiday the previous week and picking up a cold on my return home my hopes for achieving my initial goal of running it in as close to 2 hours as possible had faded considerably. I’d also had to revert to my battered old trainers as the new ones I’d bought were still giving me trouble. The running I’d done in the months leading up to the race and interval training at Fitness First kicked in on the day though and kept me going.

It was around mile 9 that I started to tire but knowing I only had 4 miles left spurred me on and it was great to hear the cheers of people lining the route with the occasional shout of ‘Come on Eleanor!’ as I passed them. The other thing that pushed me to keep up the pace was the knowledge that I was raising money for a great cause. My friends, family and colleagues have all kindly helped me raise more than £250 for Global’s Make Some Noise which helps small charities that don’t usually get heard.

If you fancy donating then you still can here.

I’d also just like to say if anyone reading this is thinking about entering the race in 2016 then I would 100% recommend  you to give it a go. I might even try myself and go for another PB!

Week 9: Thursday 8th October

The countdown to race day is on!!!! I’m just about ready for Sunday but due to a bit of bad planning on my behalf I’ve spent the past week on holiday in Mallorca.

It means I haven’t done much training in the last few days but I’m heading to the gym after work later and will also do a short run tomorrow. I’m not as well prepared as I would have liked but I’ve done up to 15k in my training runs so I don’t feel too scared.

What I’m really looking forwarded to is a bit of carbo-loading on Saturday night and a perfect excuse to indulge in a massive carbonara. The wine I’d normally have with it though can wait until the post-race celebrations.

It’s Global’s Make Some Noise day today which is where all of Global’s stations – Capital, Capital Xtra, Heart, Radio X, LBC, Smooth, Classic FM and Gold – come together to give a voice to small charities across the UK. The whole company is getting involved in raising money to help them and I’ll be running on Sunday in support of Make Some Noise. I’m sure that knowing I will be raising money for such a good cause will give me that extra push I need to keep going and get over the finish line.

Week 8: Thursday 1st October

It’s been a good week on the training front. The sunny but breezy weather has been a massive help in motivating me to get outside and do a final push of longer runs. I managed a 15k on Tuesday with my rucksack on running home from work and it was tough but I felt great afterwards. I’m really hoping the good weather sticks around for race day. With less than two weeks to go I picked up my Global’s Make Some Noise running vest today which I’m going to give a run about later. There’s nothing worse than getting to the day, wearing new kit and then finding out it rubs in awkward places. If that’s the case then I’ve got a top to go underneath that survived a whole marathon without any issues so should work well. I’m just waiting for my race pack to come through now and need to plan my route to the start line on race morning. I don’t want to get caught up in any transport problems and be panicking about getting there on time!

Week 7: Thursday 24th September

After admitting to doing embarrassingly little training in my blog last Thursday I’m proud to say I’ve turned it around this week.

I finally got round to doing the 15k I’d been promising to do and finished it in 1hr 26mins so I was happy with that. I’ve also done a 6k this week and an interval session at Fitness First which helped me increase my pace. The hockey season is getting back underway as well so I’ll be playing at weekends again which will help build my fitness.

It’s not long now until the race and there are a couple of things I still need to sort out. I need some new running socks and most importantly a running playlist that will keep me going when things get tough. If you’ve got any great suggestions then I would love to hear them. I’m a big fan of songs from musicals and 90s dance tunes!

Week 6: Thursday 17th September

I’ve got a confession to make. I have been really, really, really lazy this week. For some reason, mainly because I’ve been out socialising too much, I’ve just totally lacked motivation. All I did is one run and it was only 3k. The brand new trainers have barely touched the pavement!

I got an email yesterday asking me for my estimated finish time so I could be put into the right start point and because I’ve done so little training this week I said 2hrs 15mins. Not the hopeful 2hrs I’d started off wanting to do it in.

I’m feeling pretty guilty about my lack of activity this week but I need to put it behind me and start afresh. I’m actually really excited about race day and know it will only be fun if I put the effort in beforehand.

Week 5: Thursday 10th September

I finally took the plunge and bought some new trainers this week. I feel a bit sad retiring my trusty old Asics but when I was in the shop surrounded by bright shiny new things I soon realised how beat up they’d become. My knees will thank me for the investment in a newer pair!

I’ve been out a couple of times in them so far. A bit of interval training at Fitness First and a short run outside. I can’t say I’m loving them straight away as there are a few niggles. The garish colour was an initial put off but I can get over that. It’s the fit I’m not so keen on. They’re a bit tighter than my last pair and feel like they could start rubbing in places on a longer run. I’m going to keep breaking them in on short outings over the weekend though and hopefully build up to a 15k at some point next week. That will be my longest practice run so far and a test as to just how ready I am for race day.

Week 4: Thursday 3rd September

Despite the continuing bad British weather I’ve actually been pretty motivated this week. I managed to find a sliver of sunshine to go for a 13k run on Sunday and it felt really good. The time wasn’t as quick as I’d hoped but my best friend called me half way through my route so I spent about 40 minutes running and chatting to her at the same time which staved off the boredom but wasn’t great for speed!


I think it might be helpful to find a running buddy though as I need to start thinking more seriously about pacing and what I can keep up over the whole route in order to do it in my target time of 2 hours.

I haven’t had much luck with the trainer search so far. I had been hoping to take the easy option and just replace my old ones like for like but despite hours of searching amazon, ebay and online sports retailers it looks like they’re just so old now no one has them in stock. There are a couple of newer versions out so I’m going to try on some of those but with just over 5 weeks to go till race day I really need to get it sorted!

Week 3: Thursday 27th August 

I’ve been mainly slogging it out in the gym this week. The weather’s been awful and the thought of getting soaked has put me off training outside. The positives about gym workouts are that interval training sessions are a lot easier. The running machines at Fitness First have a button where you can toggle between a run and jog speed really easily which is great. I’m hoping the interval training will help me improve my speed and they also add a different dimension to my training which stops it becoming too tedious.

The sun looks to be staying out though this afternoon so I’ll be heading out for a slightly longer later.

My plan for the coming week is to also sort out my trainer situation. I’m still using the ones I trained in and used for the London marathon a couple of years ago so it’s really time they were replaced. I’m looking for something similar to the Asics I’ve already got but they seem to change their styles slightly every year. Any advice on decent running shops that are helpful and knowledgeable would be much appreciated!

Week 2: Thursday 20th August

I learnt a very valuable lesson this week… PREPARE PROPERLY! I’d planned on doing a 12k run home from work, and having done a similar route before, I was doing it mainly from memory. The road works at Elephant and Castle ruined my plans pretty early on, as I got lost and ended up going a totally different route and had to go back on myself to get to a road I recognised. My phone battery also died so I couldn’t check a map – and it meant that the running app I was using to monitor the distance and time cut out! It should have taken me a maximum of 1 hr 15 mins. I’d done 10k in 58 mins the week before. According to my watch though, I eventually got home over 1 hour and 40 minutes later. I’m estimating what with getting lost and going the wrong way a few times, I probably did about 14k in total. Good for the mileage, but not a very satisfying or enjoyable run to be honest! Next week, I’ll be making sure I’ve got a fully charged phone and a better idea of where I’m going. I’m also heading to the gym after work today to try and mix up my exercise routine a bit. I’ve decided to sign up with the Fitness First just near Charing Cross station as I usually get my train home from there. I’m hoping the proximity of the gym will guilt trip me into actually using it!

Week 1: Thursday 13th August

“I’ve started my training this week for the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon. I’m pretty proud of the first 10k I’ve done in about two years. I’m not a total newbie to running but my fitness has definitely dropped since doing the London marathon a few years ago. In order to give myself some motivation I’m setting a time target I’d like to beat for the half marathon. The quickest I’ve managed to do before has been around 2hrs 20mins. I’d like to get it done in under 2 hours this time. It is one of my best friends 30th birthdays the night before the race though so this might be wishful thinking! I prefer running outside generally to in the gym but in order to build up my fitness I’ll be mixing up longer outdoor runs with interval training at the gym especially when it’s raining outside.”

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