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2017/18: Small Steps

2017/18: Small Steps

Small Steps teaches and supports disabled children and their families, in an atmosphere of positivity, fun and laughter.

The charity helps children affected by genetic disorders, syndromes and developmental delays of all kinds. It offers free Easter Camp and Summer School Programmes, and free weekly sessions involving singing, fun and play.

Small Steps also supports mums and dads who are disorientated, isolated and frightened of what the future holds for their child and their family. It offers Parent Workshops where families work together and learn skills they can replicate at home, and provides practical advice and emotional support.

At Small Steps they are able to meet other parents facing similar challenges and create peer networks enabling them to support one another.

Ros’ son, Patrick, was born with brain damage. She took him to Small Steps when he was three months old. Ros said:

“I will never forget our first visit to Small Steps. I immediately felt like I was in a safe place where people would understand what I was going through. It was already clear at 3 months that Patrick was severely affected, but Small Steps was the only place that gave me hope that Patrick could and would learn and develop and that I could help him. It was a turning point for us as a family. My despair and fear of the future turned to hope and a strong resolve to do everything I could to help my son develop. Patrick is the light of our lives. Despite his huge physical challenges, he is an extremely happy little boy.”

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to fund Small Steps’ weekly sessions, creating a space for disabled children to meet other children with similar needs, develop friendships and become more socially confident.

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