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2019/20: Springboard Opportunity Group

2019/20: Springboard Opportunity Group

Springboard Opportunity Group is a small charity that supports children from birth to 5 years old with educational needs and disabilities.

The charity delivers specialist play sessions for children with autism, physical disabilities, sensory impairment, emotional and behavioural difficulties, communication difficulties and other learning disabilities.

They also provide a Family Support service including home visits and opportunities to meet other families in similar situations.

Springboard Opportunity Group supports children like five-year-old Zoë, who has Rett syndrome – a rare genetic disorder that affects brain development, causing a progressive loss of motor skills and speech.

Zoë has been attending sessions at Springboard for three years. Her parents explained that:

“Springboard have given us huge support both in the playroom and in other childcare settings. Their expertise has been invaluable as we tried to navigate through the early years both pre and post diagnosis.

Everyone at Springboard has always been completely accepting of Zoë and seen the child behind the disability. When others can be focused on what she can and can’t do, they have seen a little girl full of personality who just needed some extra help to fulfil her potential.

Springboard have always found ways to include her and every other child they encounter in a way that is suitable for them.

Having lost some of her early skills (as is common in Rett Syndrome), Springboard have worked with us and other professionals to develop new ways of approaching things, for example new methods of communication, which have helped Zoë to be heard”

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support the charity’s ‘Building Sound Foundations‘ – a project which provides inclusive play and learning experiences for children from birth to 5 years old, and supports families through information and guidance.

The project includes a Speech & Language Therapist who will work with parents and carers helping them to build communication with their children.

The charity is dedicated to giving every child the care, education, support and opportunities they need to reach their full potential.

With your help, we can support projects like this one and many more across the UK.



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