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2019/20: Sunbeams Play

2019/20: Sunbeams Play

Sunbeams Play is a small charity based in Great Yarmouth that provides a fun, safe and caring environment for children and young people with autism.

The charity runs after-school and holiday sessions, providing fun and educational activities to help children and young people from the ages of 3-21 to thrive.

At Sunbeams Play, children and young people with autism can relax and play in an environment that is suitable for them, with others who have the same or similar condition.

Sunbeams helps young people like Evie. Here’s Evie’s story in her own words:

“My name is Evie and I am nine years old, I am a carrier of something called Fragile X Syndrome and I’m having tests for autism that’s why I started going to Sunbeams in 2017 to help me find friends and socialise.

On my first day I saw loads of children and I was very excited. My first helper there was Tabitha, she helped me do the climbing frame because I found it hard.

My second helper is Matthew, he is very kind and has the same name as my dad, my first friend was Jessica and I remember she played with the doll ’s house with me. I now have a friend called Scarlett who likes talking and gossip.

I like writing letters to famous people telling them about Sunbeams because I wanted to help and love getting replies.

I love Sunbeams because it is fun, I can be myself and they help me make new friends as I didn’t have many at school because they were not nice to me and I left so I could be home educated.

Sunbeams is the best if I didn’t go I wouldn’t have meet Scarlett.”

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support the charity’s play project which provides individualised activities to support the ongoing development and progress of children and young people with autism.

The project also provides support to parents who need help applying for grants and benefits, attending clinic appointments to support diagnosis assessments, and liaising with health, education and social care and much more.

With your help, we can support projects like this one and many more across the UK.


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