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Teenage Cancer Trust – Glasgow

Teenage Cancer Trust - Glasgow

Seven young people are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. Teenage Cancer Trust works to bring these youngsters together, so they can all be treated in an environment that suits their needs.

Thanks to your support, Global’s Make Some Noise has helped to fund two new units in Glasgow, which include music and games equipment in the social areas, giving the young people a much-needed distraction from the day-to-day reality of cancer treatment. This social space also allows Youth Support Coordinators to run fun activities and events and provide emotional and practical support.

Jade’s Story

Jade was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma – a form of bone cancer – aged 14. She didn’t have any symptoms other than a slight feeling of internal swelling in her left leg, but when she broke her leg in an accident, a tumour was found on her X-ray.

The X-ray resulted in a fast diagnosis and she started treatment quickly. Jade had nine months of treatment in total, including tough sessions of chemotheraphy, but she said, “I decided to toughen up and begin my fight.”

Jade found her experience with Teenage Cancer Trust really positive, describing the nurses as kind, helpful and understanding. She also found the nurses really easy to talk to:

“I found it hard at times but I kept telling myself it will be OK and I stayed positive. My advice to anyone going through cancer is to try not to worry too much. Try and look for the silver lining.”

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