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2016/17: The A-T Society

2016/17: The A-T Society

Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T) is a complex and rare condition. In fact, A-T is so rare that it affects around four in every million children – and sadly, there is currently no cure.

A-T affects those who have it in many different ways, but it often impacts on their coordination and movement, weakens their immune system and ability to fight off infections, and can significantly increase their risk of cancers. Most children with A-T need to use a wheelchair by the age of 10, and the condition is so complex that no two people will have exactly the same symptoms or experience.

We’re proud to be able to support the work of The A-T Society – a small charity providing support to young people and their families living with the condition across the UK. Young people like Alecia, who attends the activity weekends organised by the charity.

Here, she’s given the opportunity to meet up with other teens living with the same condition, and it’s a time when she can really relax. She said: You don’t feel lonely when you are with other people who have A-T, I’m just a normal girl.”

Global’s Make Some Noise will help to fund the charity’s family support service, which will help families living with A-T, just like Alecia’s. We’re really proud to be able to support this vital and valuable service, as without it, families would be left to cope alone.

Find out more about The A-T Society here.

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