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The Difference We Make

The Difference We Make

Since 2014, we’ve helped to improve the lives of more than 78,500 children and young people and thousands more families, by supporting 256 small charities across the country.

Last April, we gave game-changing grants to 32 small charities across the UK. 

The grants we’ve given will provide vital support for children, young people and their families experiencing bereavement and trauma, disability, life-limiting or life-threatening conditions and mental health issues and so much more.

We’re funding 41 roles across the charities. This includes three part-time practitioners of the ‘Children and Young People’s Support Service’ for one year at Yellow Door. This includes associated staff support and service costs, to provide a range of therapeutic and advocacy support for children and young adults affected by sexual or domestic abuse in Southampton and Hampshire.

We monitor our grants to track progress and to ensure charities can make the biggest difference possible. When the funding completes, our evaluations inform our grant strategy in the future, helping us to establish the most effective way to invest in small charities, while responding to local need.

We’re uniquely positioned to add value beyond our grants, and therefore help to build sustainability for communities. When surveyed, 81% of the charities we support said that awareness of their charity has increased by being involved with Make Some Noise. And 95% agreed that they had gained new knowledge or skills through our training programme.

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