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The Pepper Foundation

The Pepper Foundation

Global’s Make Some Noise is supporting charities like The Pepper Foundation, which is providing 24-hour on-call care and support through their Hospice at Home service.

The Pepper Foundation nurses support children with life-limiting conditions and provide end-of-life care for children in their homes.

Nurses are having to be extra vigilant as the children have weak immune systems and are more susceptible to illness, therefore they are only going into patients’ homes if absolutely necessary to administer medication.

This “safety net” of having a nurse who can visit if needed is an incredibly important reassurance for families who know that they don’t have to face caring for their child alone when they are sick or dying. The charity has put in place extra ways to support children and their families including support over email, and through video and phone calls.

You can help those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities



Help those hit hardest by coronavirus in our communities