2018/19: The Toby Henderson Trust

2018/19: The Toby Henderson Trust

The Toby Henderson Trust is a centre for children with autism in Northumberland and North East England. They work with over 370 youngsters every year.

The charity provides a range of services and support for children with autism – including specialist sensory work, holiday play schemes, as well as counselling and a social group support for children and young people up to the age of 21. They also provide information, advice and support for the whole family.

When we heard about The Toby Henderson Trust, we wanted to make some noise about the work they do because of children like Lucas. Lucas was completely non-verbal when he first joined the charity. At that point in his life, his mum and dad hadn’t heard him say a single word. Lucas initially gave very little eye contact, played mostly on his own and barely noticed anyone else in the playroom with him.

After weeks of sessions at the centre, Lucas is now able to communicate with others – constructing sentences and responding to simple questions. He even runs into the playroom looking for his play-worker!

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to be supporting the ‘Intensive Interaction for Children with Autism’ project, which creates and delivers tailored support for children aged two to seven who have recently been diagnosed with autism, using specially designed interactive playrooms and activities to stimulate communication.

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