Turtle Tots

Turtle Tots

We’re delighted that we’ve been chosen as the official charity partner of Turtle Tots in 2017.

They provide unique and fun baby and toddler swimming classes, teaching you to swim with your young child, whilst giving you a fantastic toning workout at the same time! The programme of classes begins with aqua-natal yoga for mums-to-be, and continues with specialist and progressive swimming classes for babies and toddlers.

Thank you to the Turtle Tots Head Office for ‘Dressing Loud’ on Make Some Noise Day last year – the sunglasses are needed with those bright outfits!

This October, Turtle Tots have partnered with Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom and are aiming to raise over £25,000 for Global’s Make Some Noise through hosting very splashy ‘Splash Some Noise’ Turtle Tots classes!

 Visit their website here.

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