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We’re celebrating the amazing young carers we support

We're celebrating the amazing young carers we support

It’s estimated that there are approx 700,000 young carers in the UK…

[Source: Young Minds]

Being a young carer means looking after a relative with a disability, illness or frailty. It can often feel isolating and means a child or young adult has to grow up much sooner than they typically would. Young carers don’t always get to enjoy activities and events that other children take for granted.

This Young Carers Awareness Day, we’re proud to be shining a light on Carers Milton Keynes, a small charity that works to ensure young carers don’t miss out.

The team support children and young people aged 8-25, by providing them with emotional and practical support through counselling and training, a chance to meet other young carers in peer groups, opportunities to enjoy their childhood as well as support in school.

This year, we’ve had the chance to get to know some of the children Carers Milton Keynes supports. Children like Eden…

Through Carers Milton Keynes, Young Carers can access a range of services including life skills training such as budgeting and healthy eating, wellbeing sessions which are focussed on mindfulness and reducing anxiety, support groups as well as fun activities for young carers to come together and take a break from their caring role.

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