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2019/20: Yellow Door

2019/20: Yellow Door

Yellow Door is a small charity that responds to and works to prevent domestic and sexual abuse of children and young people across Southampton and western Hampshire.

The charity is committed to raising awareness of abuse and its impacts, and provides therapeutic support – including counselling, art therapies and group work – for children and young people who have experienced abuse at any point in their lives.

Through face-to-face support as well as a helpline, the charity’s team of advisors help children and young people access the support they need, and provide information on how to report abuse to the police.

Children like *Harry who turned to Yellow Door when he was 15, having experienced physical and sexual abuse from his father since he was 5.

Harry was in the middle of his GCSEs and the impacts of the abuse and the ongoing investigation were significantly affecting him – he began suffering with increasingly low moods, thoughts of harming himself, or taking his own life.

When he was referred to Yellow Door, Harry was soon allocated an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) to support him through the police investigation and trial, as well as a counsellor for ongoing sessions to talk through the traumatic memories of his past, and also to help him emotionally prepare for the prospect of acting as a witness at his father’s trial.

Harry is now 18, his father is in prison, and he has returned home to live with his mother. With the charity’s help, he has developed skills for managing difficult emotions and memories of the past, and will soon be continuing his education.

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support the Yellow Door’s therapeutic support project for children and young people aged 3-19 who have been impacted by sexual and domestic abuse.

This project includes one-on-one counselling, creative therapy sessions, therapeutic group work and a helpline to help children and young people who have experienced abuse overcome the negative impacts of these experiences.

With your help, we can support projects like this one and many more across the UK.


*This young person’s name has been changed to protect his identity.

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