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2017/18: Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice Liverpool

2017/18: Zoe's Place Baby Hospice Liverpool

Zoë’s Place looks after babies and infants who suffer with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions that require 24/7 care.

The charity provides free palliative, respite and end of life care to children under 5 who suffer with Batten Disease, SMA, Brain Damage or Cerebral Palsy. It is the only service of this type in the UK.

Zoë’s Place supports parents coming to terms with their child’s condition, and offers bereavement support to the whole family. Specialist nurses use hydrotherapy, multi-sensory and soft play to give affected children the best possible chance at a comfortable life.

Shelley’s daughter, Missy Mae, is 16 months old and suffers from an unnamed genetic condition. She has had a tracheostomy, two feeding tubes and requires supplementary oxygen. Shelley said:

“It was a massive shock to have a baby born with problems that I wasn’t expecting and it was a very tough time. I loved [Zoe’s Place] instantly. Everyone was so welcoming and I felt like it was somewhere we belonged. I cannot praise them enough! They are an absolute lifeline for me and my family. I am forever in their debt and so thankful that they exist.”

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support The Little Lives Project, building on existing care provided by the nursing team. The team will develop a new range of play activities, a package of family support, and new learning and development opportunities. It is hoped that this will lead to improved communication and interactions and greater support for parents with care responsibilities.

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