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Thank you for donating to Global’s Make Some Noise!

Thank you for donating to Global's Make Some Noise!

Your generous donation to ARTUNMASKED will help us to transform lives across the UK through supporting brilliant small charities like Hypo Hounds, based in Kent.

Meet Sophie-Alice.

Sophie-Alice is supported by Hypo Hounds; a small charity based in Kent that trains dogs to save lives by detecting and alerting to the dangerous changes in people living with Type 1 Diabetes. 


“I cannot remember most of my life before having Scooby, [my diabetes assistance dog trained by Hypo Hounds]. However, I do remember that not having him had a massive impact on the whole family, as they were petrified of me collapsing without warning – this meant that I often couldn’t participate in activities, such as birthday parties and sleepovers, due to my parents working and being busy, meaning I didn’t have a normal life as a child, because I always had to be accompanied to ensure nothing happened.

Since getting Scooby in 2014, I haven’t been rushed into hospital at all in the past 8 years and my parents are able to sleep at night knowing that I am being looked after. Now that I am a lot older Scooby gives me the freedom to go out and do everything that I was never able to do as I know that I will be safe.”

We’re proud to be funding over 100 small charities changing lives across the country. To find your nearest charity, take a look at our map here.

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