How your donation helps

How your donation helps

By donating to Global’s Make Some Noise, you can help small charities have a big impact. Every pound really does make a difference to those who need it most – and with your support, we can help improve the lives of disadvantaged children, young people and their families across the UK.


For a child who has lost someone they love, £3 can provide group support to help them rebuild their lives.


£5 means someone is at the end of the phone when a young care leaver calls for help.


£10 can pay for a child with a life-limiting condition and their sibling to spend time away from the family home together to make special memories. 


£20 can fund the crucial first step for a young person seeking help for their mental health, through a drop-in information session


£30 can provide the first hour of vital bereavement support, helping a child to deal with the grief of losing their mummy or daddy.


£50 can pay for a vital home support visit for parents who need help communicating with their deaf child.


For a child with autism who struggles to express themselves, £100 can give them a voice and provide three hours of music therapy.


Help improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK