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We’re supporting 40 new charities in 2023/24

We're supporting 40 new charities in 2023/24

Small, local charities are a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of people across the UK.

We believe everyone deserves to feel safe, feel well, feel included and feel prepared. That’s why we work with small charities across four key areas; providing shelter and safety, supporting physical and mental health, preventing isolation and improving life skills.

These are just some of the brilliant small charities that we’re championing this year.


Supporting physical and mental health

Bright Shadow CIO, Herne Bay

Bright Shadow is a Kent-based arts organisation, aiming to use the power of creativity to help people affected by dementia to live well and thrive. They deliver person-centered work in people’s own homes, care homes and in the community, supporting people of all ages living with dementia, and their families or carers.

East London Out Project, London

elop, based in East London, is run for and by the LGBTQ+ community, aiming to improve the mental, emotional, psychological and social health of LGBTQ+ people of all ages. They work to challenge and eradicate discrimination and inequalities, by offering counselling, mental health crisis intervention, sexual and domestic abuse support, social and befriending groups, youth mentoring and more.

IPSUM Mental Health Charity, Wiltshire

IPSUM, based in Swindon, supports people aged 11+ who are living with poor mental health, by offering a holistic approach. They incorporate talking therapies with a creative outlet to express difficult feelings and emotions. The charity’s 1-1 counselling therapy is complemented by their creative service provision, delivered in art, music and digital audio studios.

Joe’s Buddy Line, Surrey

Joe’s Buddy Line aims to promote and protect the mental health of young people through support, education, practical advice and assistance. Currently working in 10 schools in London and Surrey, they aim to provide early intervention awareness and support, encouraging conversations in young people about their mental health.

Key Changes, National

Key Changes provides music engagement and recovery services for young people and adults experiencing mental health difficulties, in hospitals and communities. They work across London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Brighton, delivering specialist music and wellbeing services, through 1:1 mentoring and group sessions. They also offer a volunteer programme, with opportunities for people to progress into other education or employment pathways.

Platform for Life, Chester

Platform For Life, based in Chester, offers free counselling, art and play therapies to adults, children and young people who are living in poverty and experiencing mental health issues. They focus on strengthening family relationships and creating more stable and nurturing environments for children. Platform for Life aims to stop the cycle of poor mental health being passed down from one generation to the next, and through early intervention, they aim to prevent mental health becoming a life-long disability.

Spoons, Manchester

Spoons supports families experiencing neonatal intensive care in Greater Manchester. Volunteers offer peer support in hospital, and the support team helps families practically and emotionally with the transition from hospital to home. The charity offers play therapy at community groups, trauma therapy sessions and home visits, helping families navigate the most challenging period in their lives, and providing support beyond this for parents to develop confidence and knowledge to advocate for their baby.

Suicide&Co, National

Suicide&Co provides counselling and professional support for anyone aged 18+ bereaved by suicide in England and Wales. The charity offers online counselling sessions as well as a Listening Service Helpline. People bereaved by suicide are 65% more likely to attempt suicide themselves, than if their loved-one died by natural causes. Suicide&Co aim to ensure their service users feel less isolated in their grief and develop healthy coping mechanisms, resulting in the ability to live life to the fullest again. The charity was set up by two colleagues who had both experienced a parent die by suicide, and felt unsupported in their grief.

The Lily Mae Foundation, West Midlands

The Lily Mae Foundation supports families who experience baby loss in Warwickshire and the West Midlands. They work with bereaved parents and families following a still birth, miscarriage, medical termination or neonatal death. The charity provides memory boxes, sibling packs, bereavement support, counselling, events to bring families together, training and support for midwives, as well as access to information and advice. It was set up by Ryan and Amy, following the loss of their daughter Lily Mae at 37 weeks’ gestation.

Young People’s Shop Ltd, West Sussex

Young People’s Shop (YPS) offers free and confidential support and advice to young people aged 11-25 living in Chichester. YPS provides an open-ended therapeutic counselling service and has an immediate Drop-In Information and Advice Service, open 5 days a week. This service covers all aspects of health and sexual health, housing and homelessness, education and employment, justice and equality, family and relationships, money matters and emotional support. Young people receive a package of support under one roof, that can empower them to identify their life goals and reach their potential.

Youth Concern, Aylesbury

Youth Concern, based in Aylesbury Vale, works with vulnerable young people aged 13-25. They aim for each young person they support to have the resources they need to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. Their work comprises 3 interlinked strands that offer a programme of holistic support, individually tailored to meet people’s specific needs and help them to overcome the challenges they face. The services include counselling, a drop-in centre and homelessness prevention. The charity’s holistic approach means they aim to really get to know each young person, build their trust and help them to find their way.

Preventing isolation

Batten Disease Family Association, National

The Batten Disease Family Association (BDFA) is a national charity that offers guidance and support to families affected by Batten disease, a rare and terminal neurodegenerative condition which causes profound disability in children and young people. Devastatingly, those affected will usually die between young childhood and young adulthood. BDFA offers practical and emotional support, including a family wellbeing and peer support service, and advocacy and training across the health, education and social sectors. The charity also supports medical professionals working with families affected by the disease, as well as raising awareness and funding future research to identify therapies and cures.

Bridgend Carers Centre, Wales

Bridgend Carers Centre aims to identify and support unpaid carers of all ages across Bridgend in South Wales. They provide emotional and practical support to help carers sustain their caring roles whilst being able to have ‘a life of their own’. By organising activities and groups for various age ranges and specific caring roles, they aim to reduce social isolation and improve health and wellbeing.

Childhood Tumour Trust, National

Childhood Tumour Trust is a national charity that empowers children and young people affected by Neurofibromatosis Type 1, a progressive genetic condition that causes tumours to grow on nerves. The charity supports the whole family right from diagnosis, offering workshops, social and life skills sessions, counselling, days out and an online support group. They also produce educational resources for healthcare professionals and patients to increase knowledge and awareness. Childhood Tumour Trust’s aim is for young people to achieve social and personal stability, through correct care and opportunities that allow them to reach their ambitions and full potential.

Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind, Coventry

Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind (CRCB) provides long-term, community-based support to blind and visually-impaired adults over 18, their families and carers. The charity runs weekly classes and activities designed to maximise skills for independent living, such as braille, cooking safely and technology support, as well as social and wellbeing activity sessions. CRCB equips people with the skills to manage living with sight loss, to help them cope emotionally, adapt practically, reduce isolation and live as fully and independently as possible.

Finding Your Feet, Scotland

Finding Your Feet (FYF) is a Scottish charity providing lifeline support to amputees and those with congenital limb absence of all ages, and their families. The charity provides emotional, physical and social support to help reduce isolation and promote economic and physical independence. Their activities aim to support amputees to learn new adaptable abilities, meet up regularly and benefit from sharing lived experience, all whilst building friendships and improving their overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

George’s Rockstars, Hampshire

George’s Rockstars provides music therapy for children in hospitals across Hampshire. Many of these children have serious and life limiting or life threatening illnesses, or mental health challenges and all spend a lot of time in hospital. The charity uses music therapy to support these children and their families to explore and express their emotions without having to put them into words. They encourage them to engage in activities and support their treatments, to help meet developmental goals and build positive memories of time in hospital.

Glasgow’s Golden Generation, Glasgow

Glasgow’s Golden Generation (GGG) aims to reduce loneliness and social isolation in older people and address poverty. The support services include day centres, which provide a safe place, entertainment and a warm meal; a befriending programme; a welfare advice service, a careline service; social clubs and a digital project. The charity’s vision is for no older person to be neglected and for them to receive the support they need to live life as fully and as independently as possible.

Our Special Friends, Bury St Edmunds

Our Special Friends (OSF), based in West Suffolk, helps people aged 18+ to continue to benefit from animal companionship by providing physical and emotional support during illness, bereavement and other crises. Their services include providing visiting animals to people experiencing loneliness, fostering pets in times of crisis, walking dogs of people with limited mobility and arranging permanent pet rehoming. OSF aims to improve mental and physical health and reduce isolation through promoting, preserving and providing animal companionship.

Paul’s Place Southwest, Bristol

Paul’s Place enhances life for adults with physical disabilities from across the South West. They provide social activities that connect people, reduce isolation, improve health and wellbeing and give people the opportunity to develop new skills and build independence. Through the activities, they hope people can enjoy new experiences and live life to the full. They have daily activities at their centre; social outings; a sports programme; short breaks, and a carers programme to provide respite. The charity’s vision is a world that embraces disability and includes everyone, ensuring that all people can reach their full potential.

The Together Project CIO, London

The Together Project is a national charity that boosts wellbeing, reduces loneliness and fosters stronger, happier communities by creating joyful intergenerational experiences. The charity brings children and older people together to form meaningful friendships through a range of activities and support programmes. They aim to create a connected and inclusive society in which older people benefit from reduced social isolation and feel seen and valued, whilst children develop kindness, empathy and compassion, appreciating older generations.

Tiny Tickers, National

Tiny Tickers is a small national charity working to improve the early detection, care and treatment of babies with congenital heart disease (CHD). Tragically, babies with undetected heart defects often fall into the early stages of heart failure. The charity trains sonographers to identify potential heart defects during routine pregnancy scans; fund specialist hospital equipment that can help detect CHD; support families who have received a diagnosis for their baby; and campaign for improving standards across the country, whilst raising awareness of CHD. Tiny Tickers provides families with practical information and peer-to-peer support, providing parents with the information they need as they navigate an incredibly challenging time.

Improving life skills

ATF Southend, Essex

ATF Southend works with underserved children, young people and families in communities across South Essex to achieve, thrive and flourish. They provide opportunities to raise aspirations, build resilience and increase confidence and wellbeing, by offering a safe environment, teaching life skills through sports, art and culture. The charity also aims to build a sense of belonging and pride within the local area.

Autonomie, Belfast 

Autonomie, based in Belfast, works with children and young people with physical and learning disabilities. They provide practical and emotional support to the whole family, offering social opportunities and building life skills with the aim to support independent living. Autonomie offers a Youth Club, advocacy and therapeutic services, as well as a training and skills programme.

Base 51, Nottingham

Base 51 provides a ‘safe place where change begins’ for vulnerable young people aged 11-25 from across Nottinghamshire. They offer counselling, specialist trauma support, LGBTQIA+ peer support, and a youth club with dance sessions and recording studios. The charity also provides practical support with a kitchen, food parcels, gym, showers, laundry and a clothes bank. Base 51 works with young people who have been through trauma, such as domestic abuse and knife crime and those that are at risk of exploitation and gangs. They provide a safe place for young people to be themselves, stay off the streets and receive a hot meal in a warm haven.

darts, South Yorkshire

darts, based in Doncaster, is a participatory arts charity. They create art with people to improve life, learning and health. Their programmes are open to everyone, particularly those who have the least access to the arts, providing opportunities for education and engagement. The charity’s mission is for everyone to feel accepted and valued as part of the community, creating a healthier and more connected society.

Girl’s Friendly Society, National

Girl’s Friendly Society (GFS) is a national charity, with the belief that every girl should be able to feel safe, valued and like she can be herself. GFS seeks to address challenges in girls such as poor wellbeing, friendship difficulties, low self-esteem, loneliness, and social pressures. The charity runs 31 extracurricular groups for girls aged 7-11, who live in some of the most deprived and isolated communities in England and Wales.

Journey Enterprises, Northumberland

Journey Enterprises supports adults aged 18+ across the North East, who have complex learning difficulties, sensory, physical or mental health disabilities. The charity has 4 day centres, providing social care services and helping their members develop the skills to lead active, inclusive and fulfilling lives. They provide a weekly schedule of activities focusing on wellbeing and building life skills.

Playskill, Watford

Playskill, based in Watford, provides free specialist therapies to pre-school aged children with a physical disability and delay, to help them reach their full potential. Children receive weekly therapy from a Physio, Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist tailored specifically to their needs.

Raw Material Music and Media, London

Raw Material Music and Media is a creative community enterprise hub based in Brixton, London. They nurture raw talent and support the mental health of young people and adults through music and media pathways. The centre hosts recording studios, a computer suite, DJ, video production equipment and a live room for performance, workshops, and ensembles. The charity’s specialism is music as a creative tool for self-expression. They support people to create, produce and perform new music, changing their lives through self-development and creative collaboration.

Stepping Stones DS, Surrey

Stepping Stones DS supports children and young people with Down syndrome and their families across West Surrey, North Hampshire and Bracknell Forest. They aim for every child and young person they support to fulfil their potential and live a happy life. The charity offers educational and schools outreach services, physical development programmes, support for parents, carers and siblings, training and social events. Stepping Stones helps families navigate their journey from birth to age 25, providing opportunities for children and young people with Down Syndrome and making their transition to adulthood easier.

The Dorothy Parkes Centre, Sandwell, West Midlands

The Dorothy Parkes Centre is a community centre, based in Sandwell in the West Midlands, providing a wide range of services and support for local people focusing on wellbeing. The centre offers physical and outdoor activities, as well as youth and social groups. They also provide support surrounding employment, bereavement and cost of living. In an area of high deprivation, the charity offers a safe, warm, accessible space, with friendly staff and volunteers, helping to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Youth Action Alliance (YAA), London

Youth Action Alliance (YAA) delivers youth work to underserved young people in Kensington and Chelsea, London. They work in the community and from their ‘hut’, delivering programmes to enhance young people’s lives whilst supporting their personal and social development. This includes employability and enterprise projects, educational activities, targeted group work for hard to reach young people and prevention of serious violence. They aim to keep young people engaged, motivated and inspired, and build their knowledge, self-esteem, wellbeing, resilience and confidence to face life’s challenges.

Providing shelter and safety

FACES Bedford, Bedford

FACES (Family and Children’s Early Help Services) supports families in Bedford who face difficulties, hardship or distress to provide a safer, happier and healthier home in which their children can thrive and reach their full potential. They offer a range of programmes, including practical and emotional support in homes, peer support groups, dad groups, parent and toddler groups, domestic abuse services and disability services.

SCRATCH, Southampton

SCRATCH seeks to address the impact of furniture poverty, by making a positive difference to vulnerable people and families living in Southampton and surrounding areas. The team replaces or secures furniture and white goods, helping to create shelter and safety in a secure and stable home. The charity sources, checks, cleans and refurbishes items. SCRATCH aims to relieve hardship when people are living in poverty or facing crisis points in their lives.

South Ayrshire Escape From Homelessness (SeAscape), Scotland

SeAscape supports people who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness across Ayrshire, Scotland. They offer housing support services, accommodation furnishing and befriending schemes to ensure that those moving on to a secure tenancy are best placed to maintain their tenancies and able to create a positive home environment. They aim to build positive relationships, and a sense of purpose and belonging.

South Riverside Community Development Centre Ltd, Wales

South Riverside Community Development Centre aims to alleviate poverty, support diversity, offer advice and promote education in its local community in Cardiff. The charity manages 3 community buildings, offering a range of multi-generational services. These include a youth club, a translation service and language cafe, employment and skills building groups, young children and parents project, arts and culture and a food pantry.

The Choir with No Name, Coventry

The Choir with No Name (CWNN) runs choirs involving people experiencing homelessness and marginalisation in Birmingham, Liverpool, London, Cardiff, Brighton and Coventry. The choirs are supportive, safe spaces for people going through a difficult time, using the arts to empower them to feel more able to tackle the challenges they face by reducing social isolation and increasing confidence and skills. Their choirs rehearse weekly and are followed by a hot meal together, as well as regular performances.

The Halo Project, Middlesborough

The Halo Project supports women and girls aged 16+, from ethnic minority backgrounds, who are facing domestic and sexual abuse, across Cleveland, Durham and North Yorkshire. The charity delivers an end to end service, including refuge for those who are experiencing homelessness, through to independent living free from harm.

The Spring Charity, Northampton

The Spring Charity, based in an area of high deprivation in Northampton, offer community services for local families to improve their wellbeing and outcomes in life. The charity support families with children aged 0-5 who are facing financial, social or health challenges. They offers support, advice and practical responses to crises, helping families through groups, individual work and signposting. The Spring Charity also run Stay & Play groups, a community & craft cafe (warm space) and parenting classes for targeted families, all aimed to promote healthy living.

Young People and Children First, Berkshire

Young People and Children First supports and houses care leavers and young people aged 16-25 experiencing homelessness in West Berkshire and surrounding counties. These young people have all experienced childhood trauma, and usually abuse and neglect. The charity has 3 homes, and offers family-style housing and support, with live-in supervisors offering help with education and work, money management, and mental health. They aim to equip their young people with all the practical tools they need to be independent, and provide ongoing support when they do move on to their own accommodation.


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