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Providing shelter and safety

Providing shelter and safety

A safe home is essential, yet millions of people don’t live in one.

Why we’re needed…

There are people across the UK who are forced to live in shelters, on the streets, in unsafe or overcrowded houses.

Thousands of people feel unsafe, whether it’s a family living in overcrowded conditions, a young LGBTQ+ person who has been made homeless after coming out, or a domestic violence survivor seeking refuge – we are working with the small charities that exist to support them.

In the UK, people who are more likely to be affected by housing issues or homelessness are Black and minoritised communities, people with disabilities and single mothers.

In recent years, domestic violence charities have seen an increase in calls to their helplines and an unprecedented demand for safe spaces for those affected.

We believe everyone should have a place of safety and security; a place they can call home.

We’re supporting small and local charities that are working to provide shelter and safety for people in communities like yours and across the UK.

With your donations, Make Some Noise can fund small and local charities across the UK that are working to tackle homelessness and reach people fleeing for their lives.

Support small and local charities across the UK