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The Chris Moyles Show Pubcast 2023 – Specific Rules

The Chris Moyles Show Pubcast 2023 on Radio X September – November 2023 – Specific Rules

1 The Chris Moyles Show Pubcast 2023 promotion (‘Promotion’) is organised by Global Charities (as defined in the Global’s Make Some Noise Competition Terms and Conditions). The Promotion will run from Wednesday 4th October to Wednesday 25th October 2023 on Radio X. Global Charities is the Promoter.

2. IMPORTANT: The Promotion is subject to these Specific Rules and the Global’s Make Some Noise Competition Terms and Conditions which are available here. Entry into the Promotion constitutes acceptance of these Specific Rules and the General Terms and Conditions.

Details of the Promotion:

3. To enter the Promotion, you must send a text message with the keyword PUB40, PUB30, PUB20, PUB10 or PUB5 to 83936 (the “Text Message Line”).

4. The Text Message Line will open at 08:00 on Wednesday 4th October 2023 and close at 23:59 on Wednesday 25th October 2023. Entries received before or after this time will not be included in the Promotion but may still be charged.

5. We are not responsible for any latency experienced by your mobile phone network, which may delay the delivery of text messages to and/or from us.

6. Text messages will be charged at standard network rates. Standard rate text messages to promotion shortcodes are not normally included in ‘inclusive’ packages and may be charged. If entry is made by text message, be sure to use the correct shortcode. In all cases, please check with your service provider for more details and charges. If you are not the bill payer, you must obtain the bill payer’s permission before entering.

7. After entering the Promotion, you will receive a bounce back text message informing you that a voluntary donation to Global’s Make Some Noise (registered charity 1091657 (England & Wales) & SC041475 (Scotland)) of £5 for PUB5, £10 for PUB10, £20 for PUB20, £30 for PUB30 or £40 for PUB40 will be taken automatically, unless you text the word CANCEL as instructed. The £5/£10/£20/£30/£40 donation will be taken one hour (60 minutes) after the time the first text was received from the mobile phone used to enter the Promotion, and 100% of the donation will go to Global’s Make Some Noise.

8. For the avoidance of doubt, you do not need to donate in order to receive the Pubcast. Cancelling the donation will not affect your ability to access the Pubcast. Anyone who texts CANCEL as instructed in the first bounceback message and thereby opts out of donating £5/£10/£20/£30/£40 to Global’s Make Some Noise will receive the Pubcast.

9. After entering the Promotion, you will receive a bounceback containing a link (The Pubcast Link) to the Pubcast. Via this link you can access the pubcast via GlobalPlayer or by downloading an audio file. You can also stream an edited highlights video.

10. The Pubcast Link will only be available until the close date at 23:59 on Wednesday 25th October 2023. In order to keep the Pubcast you must download the Pubcast audio file before the close date. 


11.The Promotion is only open to those registered to UK mobile.

12. Entrants must be aged 18 and over.

13. For users unable to use their mobile to donate and download the Pubcast you may purchase the Pubcast for £5 (net proceeds, at least £3.82 per purchase), £10 (net proceeds, at least £7.88 per purchase, go to Global’s Make Some Noise), £20 (net proceeds, at least £16.02 per purchase), £30 (net proceeds, at least £24.15 per purchase) or £40 (net proceeds, at least £32.28 per purchase) via the following link: For store purchases, the Pubcast content and streaming link will be received as a digital product download to a hidden webpage containing the Pubcast.

Prize specific terms:

14. Global are registered with the Phone-paid Services Authority (“PSA”): registration number ORG832-96388-41101. Global Charities are registered with the PSA: registration number ORG831-51159-55647. For all enquiries in connection with the Promotion please contact our customer support team at

15. It is forbidden to share or upload the audio e.g. to file sharing sites. Sharing the audio will reduce potential charitable donations. 

Data Protection:

16. Your personal data, will be collected and processed by us, our licensees (including Communicorp UK Limited), as well as the prize providers, and if applicable, our service providers, network operators and suppliers in order to administer and fulfil the Promotion. Your personal data may also be disclosed to the Phone-paid Services Authority, Ofcom and/or the Advertising Standards Authority at their reasonable request for regulatory purposes, for example, in order to prevent, investigate and detect crime, fraud or anti-social behaviour and comply with law enforcement agencies and applicable advertising codes.

17. We may hold your personal data for a period of 3 years in order to comply with our regulatory obligations.

18. You may be asked if you want to opt-in to marketing from us when you enter a Promotion. If you choose to opt-in, we will use your personal data for marketing purposes (see our Privacy Policy for more details). You can opt out at any time.

19. We may transfer and process personal data outside of the EEA and UK for the purposes of administering the Promotion.

20. By entering a Promotion, you acknowledge that any personal data provided by you in connection with the Promotion will be processed as set out above and in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which sets out full details of how we process personal data and how you can exercise your rights as a data subject. Please ensure you have read and understood our Privacy Policy before entering any Promotion.

21. You may request the removal of your personal details from our database by contacting [email protected]. If you request that your personal details be removed prior to the conclusion of a Promotion, you will forfeit your right to enter the Promotion and/or claim any prize and we reserve the right to select another entrant to participate in the Promotion or withdraw the prize and select another winner, as applicable.

Service Provider: Global Radio Services Ltd., 30 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LA.  If you are having problems using our text entry service or feel a donation has been taken from your bill unfairly, please have a look at our FAQs at or alternatively contact our customer helpline on 0333 200 2000 or email [email protected].

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