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2017/18: Reach

Reach parents understand what a devastating time it can be to discover that your baby will be born missing part of an arm or hand, or when a child loses the use of their limb.

Reach work with children with a range of upper limb conditions which for many mean that prosthetics are not relevant or useful. Upper limb differences are rare, and many children may never meet another child like them or their sibling without contact with Reach.

From campaigning in 1978 for children’s access on the NHS to state of the art prosthetic arms, Reach has rapidly grown over the past 40 years to be nationally recognised as a campaigning and supporting organisation providing sound information to a range of families.

Based in Devon, Reach work to keep families from all over the UK connected so that their children can grow into confident happy adults and know that they are not alone.

Children like Harry (8), Eva (10) and Anna (11), who spoke to LBC’s James O’Brien about how they’ve been supported by the charity.

Global’s Make Some Noise is proud to support Reach’s Mentor Training Project, to encourage young people to engage in activities and develop leadership and problem-solving skills. Global’s Make Some Noise will also support Reach in the running of their Reach Activity Week and Family Weekends, bringing children, young people, mentors and families together in a relaxed, fun and challenging environment.


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