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Want to become a Global’s Make Some Noise beneficiary?

Want to become a Global’s Make Some Noise beneficiary?

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Global’s Make Some Noise has been raising money for small, local charities since 2014, and is running its 10th appeal this year. As a grant giving charity, we work with Global brands (Heart, Capital, LBC, Radio X, Smooth, Classic FM, Capital Xtra and Gold) to help raise money through listener donations. As well as funding, we also give a voice to community causes through our awareness raising appeal and give a helping hand through our training programme and capacity-building initiatives.  Last year alone, we provided grants to over 100 small charities in the UK!

How to apply to become a beneficiary:

Our current programme prioritises grantgiving for small charities that are working to address one of our key outcome areas for achieving change in communities across the UK. 

Our current four key outcome areas are: 

  • Providing safety and shelter 
  • Supporting physical and/or mental health 
  • Developing life skills 
  • Reducing isolation or improving inclusion 

Here is a list of the types of things we are most likely to fund: 

  • Staff salaries predominantly associated with direct delivery work 
  • Any programme, sessional, service or project delivery costs 
  • Equipment, technology, materials or refurbishment costs which are related to direct service delivery work (we cannot contribute to large build projects, fundraising or marketing costs) 
  • A contribution to running costs/overheads (in contribution to a wider direct-delivery programme) 

This list is not exhaustive, and we have funded many different areas of work and initiatives. If you are unsure that what you want to apply for meets our criteria, or has a good chance of being funded, contact the Make Some Noise Grants Team at [email protected]. 


In addition to delivering a key project or service addressing one or more of our key outcomes, your charity must meet our basic eligibility criteria, listed below: 

  • Your charity has an annual income of approximately £30,000-£1million 
  • Your organisation is a UK registered charity with the Charity Commission, OSCR (Scotland) or the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland 
  • Your charity has been registered for at least 1 year with 1 set of full submitted accounts on the Charity Commission, OSCR (Scotland) or the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland 
  • Your charity provides in-depth direct support to people 
  • You have a registered bank account in your organisation’s name
  • You have a current safeguarding policy and set of procedures 
  • You have a current equal opportunities/equality policy and processes 
  • You are able to identify a specific programme, area of work, role or project which Global’s Make Some Noise could fund – this can be existing or new 

 Unfortunately, some organisations and types of work are not eligible for support, they are: 

  • Organisations who do not conduct any direct delivery work or whose primary focus is on research or campaigning  
  • Animal rescue/rehabilitation or projects that solely benefit animals 
  • Faith-based projects supporting the promotion of religion 
  • Organisations based, or delivering work outside of the UK 
  • Schools, colleges or higher education institutions 
  • NHS, other healthcare providers or local authority obligations 
  • Politically affiliated organisations 
  • Activities that have already taken place 
  • Grant-making organisations or activities where funds will be primarily provided to third-parties or individuals 
  • Fundraising events/activities or fundraising salaries 


Stage 1: Expression of Interest

Stage 2: Invite to Apply

Stage 3: Panel Assessment – Funding proposals will be reviewed and successful applications will be selected at panel  

We expect to open stage 1 of our application process in spring 2024.

Please check that your charity meets the above criteria before joining our mailing list. 

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