Traverse the Transylvanian Alps…

Traverse the Transylvanian Alps...


Staying in small mountain villages, you will get to know the locals and their culture, while tackling the rugged wilderness and the region’s impressive mountain ranges. The itinerary also travels out to the King’s Rock National Park, which was home to the Carpathian Large Carnivore Project, a conservation programme to protect and monitor wolves, lynx and bears. And of course you cannot leave Transylvania without the obligatory visit to the castle of Romania’s most famous son, Count Dracula.

🏰 Explore Count Dracula’s eerie castle
🥾 Climb over 2,400 metres above sea level
⛰️ Stay in small mountain villages
🐻 Visit the King’s Rock National Park, home to wolves, lynx and bears

Since ancient times, the territory of today’s Romania has been a borderland of European civilization, strongly influencing its culture and its people who are an exotic mix of Oriental, Slavic and Occidental.



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