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Kate Garraway Completes Her 24-Hour Job Hop!

Smooth Radio’s Kate Garraway has completed her busiest day ever by taking on 24 jobs in just 24 hours, all to raise money for Global’s Make Some Noise!

Powered by endurance and sheer determination, Kate job-hopped from window cleaner, personal trainer and train platform announcer to a housekeeper, barber and cake decorator during her 24-hour marathon. She also cleaned the shark tank at the Sea Life London Aquarium, appeared on stage in the West End musical Mamma Mia! She even mucked out the pig stable at Vauxhall City Farm.

Kate Garraway said: “If you’re a parent and you’ve just found out that your child has an incurable illness, it doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, a TV presenter, a window cleaner or whatever, you need help – and fast. The small charities supported by Global’s Make Some Noise give that vital help to thousands of people every day, often doing it in their own time, on top of their actual jobs. They are small charities that make a big impact and Global’s Make Some Noise gives them a chance to be heard and raises vital funds so they can continue their incredible work.”



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