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Nick Clegg defeated by Andrew Castle in Global’s Make Some Noise tennis match!

Nick Clegg defeated by Andrew Castle in Global's Make Some Noise tennis match!

Global presenter Andrew Castle caused a stir on the tennis courts during Make Some Noise Day, beating Nick Clegg to the winning title after a tense game of doubles with two of LBC’s lucky auction winners.

Pairing up with prize bidders Denise and Kimiko, the Deputy Prime Minister and the retired tennis pro went head-to-head for Global’s charity day.

Reports came in live from our on-site reporter throughout the match and it was clear the two were taking the competition seriously.

“. smashes one past . “There’s a lot of Glasgow conference in that one” says the DPM ,” tweeted LBC’s Tom Swarbrick.

“First game with serve. and Kimiko 1 up. There is no holding back. is fired up ,” he added.

“Action shot. A genuinely very good return from , practically pirouetting round the court ,” said Tom, posting a picture of the PM and his sporting moves.

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But ultimately it was Castle that took the top spot of charity champion, smashing Clegg by two sets.

“. defeated by 6-4. It was intense. ,” revealed Tom.

The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, acted as umpire for the historic match and Nick Ferrari as commentator. We’re wondering if these two had anything to do with the result…

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