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Find out how we make some noise for small projects across the UK.

Created by Global, the media and entertainment group, Global’s Make Some Noise is a charity that helps to change young lives.

We do this by supporting specially selected projects up and down the country, which deliver life-changing work to youngsters and their families living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity. They are often small, operating on a shoestring, or tackling an issue that’s little understood.

These projects find it hard to get heard, so, we unite 8 of the biggest radio stations in the UK, and their 24 million listeners, to give them a voice. By joining us to make some noise, you can help small charities have a big impact.

Find out more about the projects we’re proud to support.

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Fundraising ideas
  • Bake Some Noise

    Bake Some Noise

    Have a baking contest and see who can come up with the most original music-themed baked goods! How about The Artful Jammy Dodger, Puff Daddy Pastry or Rolling Scones? Make it free to enter and then sell the cakes off afterwards.

  • The Big Music Quiz

    The Big Music Quiz

    Want to test your music knowledge? Host your own Big Music Quiz!

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